Student Guidance

At Yeshiva University High School for Girls, we know it is imperative to provide students with support and guidance to assist them in their academic, social, and personal growth.

The Department of Guidance was established to offer each individual the encouragement and confidence necessary to navigate effectively through these important high school years. In keeping with our goals, students are invited to arrange individual or group meetings with the Director of Guidance to discuss any topic of concern. These may include transition issues, class environment, stress management, coping skills, and decision-making strategies. Additionally, students often seek direction regarding organizational skills, study skills, and building relationships with teachers and peers. Various programs are designed and implemented to bolster the healthy social and emotional development of our students. Our engaging Advisory Program provides a weekly opportunity for our students and teachers to connect and form relationships, working communally to build a warm atmosphere at Central. The Advisory teachers focus on academic and social guidance in small groups of approximately eight students.

This small teacher-student ratio helps cultivate individual bonds designed to facilitate communication and provide a personal mentor for each student. Grade Level Deans are regularly in touch with the Advisory teachers to obtain an accurate pulse of every student in each grade. Our Big Sister Leadership Program links our freshmen with senior mentors who provide them with an extra layer of support to help ease their transition into high school. The Big Sisters are involved in planning exciting activities for the ninth grade in an effort to give their Little Sisters a positive, successful high school experience. Freshman Retreat, where our Big Sisters join in activities and lead sessions, is a wonderful opportunity for friendships to form. Throughout the year, the Big Sisters participate in leadership training activities and seminars to maximize their potential as student mentors for our freshmen students. Our students’ needs are of vital importance to the staff and administration at Central. It is our hope that through our tiered support system, each girl will experience comfort and stability, enhance her high school years, and facilitate her overall educational and emotional growth.