College Guidance

9T3A2639YUHSG’s Office of College Guidance works to facilitate each student’s admission to a university that best suits her profile, religious development, personal disposition, talents, interests and ambition.

We begin the college guidance process early in our students’ tenure at YUHSG so that our students have the opportunity to approach their high school years with information, intentionality and comfort.

The process of gaining admission into college is a collaborative one involving the home, the student and the College Guidance Counselor. Each party is integral and indispensable in the college process. Students should thoroughly research prospective universities, placing great consideration on academics, campus life, Jewish life on campus, location and co-curricular activities in order to find a compatible match. YUHSG’s Office of College Guidance is a resource for information and advice for the student and family. We provide students and families with pertinent information regarding academic scholarships, deadlines, internship opportunities and other important college-related information.

The Director of College Guidance works as a liaison with universities to advocate on behalf of our students and is in continual contact with the various admission boards at the universities to which our students apply. We celebrate the unique strengths and talents of each student and emphasize drive, commitment, citizenship, academic and social strengths, in addition to other factors which contribute to making our students prime candidates for admission. We emphasize YUHSG’s rigorous dual curriculum and the array of our curricular and co-curricular offerings.

The door to the Office of College Guidance is always open and appointments are welcome and encouraged. At Yeshiva University High School for Girls, we are committed to making this process intentional and well-reasoned. We look forward to getting to know you and your family and to partnering in this process.

Mrs. Keren Weinberger

Mrs. Keren Weinberger

Director of College Guidance
718-479-8550 Ext. 118