Our Faculty

A team of highly qualified, talented and widely recognized professionals are dedicated to nurturing our students as individuals in an atmosphere of open inquiry. Our faculty members include recipients of the Gruss Award, the Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education, the New York English Council’s Educators of Excellence Award, and the Toyota/National Science Teachers Association Tapestry Grant. Our teachers serve as role models for a new generation, and provide our students with personal attention and challenging academic experiences to help them realize their full potential. Our teachers’ investment and commitment continue long after our students graduate, as attested by the close relationships they maintain, and the advice, guidance, and unwavering support they provide.

Mrs. CB Neugroschl
Head of School

Ms. Beverly Segal
Associate Principal

Mrs. Aliza Konig
Assistant Principal

Ms. Bracha Rutner
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Rivka Alter
Judaic Studies

Mr. Erez Bar-Levy

Ms. Kimberly Baker
Assistant Director of Admissions and Office Administrator

Mrs. Shulamith Biderman
Science, Attendance Coordinator

Mrs. Miriam White
Judaic Studies/Director of Religious Guidance

Mr. Yitzchok Borenstein

Mrs. Miriam Chopp

Mrs. Chani Cooper
Learning Specialist

Mrs. Sari Dratch
Director of Community Engagement

Ms. Chaviva Fisher
Executive Director – Tuition & Budgeting

Mrs. Hadassah Frankel
Judaic Studies, Chessed Coordinator

Mrs. Ruth Fried
Chair, Science Department

Ms. Laura Fruchter
Director of Academic Support

Mrs. Aliza Gewirtz
Director of Admissions

Mrs. Alisa Goldberger
Office Manager

Rabbi Joshua Goller
Mashgiach Ruchani

Mrs. Audi Hecht
Chair, History Department

Mr. David Horstman

Mr. Richard Isaacs

Mrs. Marci Karoll
Director of Educational Technology

Mrs. Amy Katz

Dr. Riki Koenigsberg

Ms. Diane Kolatch

Ms. Rebecca Konigsberg
Judaic Studies

Ms. Kim Konzack

Ms. Elana Kook
English Teacher

Mrs. Karen Lavner
Judaic Studies

Rabbi Zvi Lew
Israel Guidance Advisor

Mrs. Osnat Laks
Hebrew Language

Dr. Katina Manko

Mrs. April McNally
Physical Education

Ms. Leah Moskovich
Student Activities Coordinator

Mr. Gili Nagar
Chair, Math Department

Mr. Sabyasachi Rath

Ms. Hannie Ricardo

Mrs. Tova Rosenberg
Chair, Hebrew Language Department

Ms. Lisa Rothstein
Chair, English Department

Ms. Elissa Schertz
Director of Institutional Advancement

Ms. Tzirel Schwartz
Learning Specialist

Ms. Karine Shauli

Mrs. Estee Shor
Assistant to the Principals; Registrar

Mrs. Lynda Smith
Director of Athletics

Mr. Michael Strauss
Associate Dean, Sy Syms School of Business, Yeshiva University

Rabbi Joshua Strulowitz
Judaic Studies

Mrs. Keren Weinberger
Director of College Guidance

Rabbi Elie Weissman
Judaic Studies

Mr. Jason Williams

Mrs. Rena Wolf
Judaic Studies

Mrs. Danielle Wyner
Director of Guidance

Mrs. Betty York