Judaic Studies

9T3A2506-1The goal of the Jewish Studies Department is to instill in our students a love of Torah, a commitment to Torah values and ethical behavior, and an adherence to the mitzvot.

We seek to develop the textual skills and mastery of content necessary for lifelong independent learning and exploration. “Reishit chakhma yirat Hashem” – The beginning of wisdom is the awe of Hashem. We seek to increase our students’ yirat Shamayim. The ultimate goal of Torah study is an increased awareness of Hakadosh Baruch Hu and an enhanced appreciation of His Torah and of the unique role of Klal Yisrael in the world. In addition to our focus on textual skills, we aim to ensure that our learning furthers our commitment to Klal Yisrael. We teach our students to identify wholeheartedly with the destiny of our fellow Jews throughout the world, to exhibit loyalty to Eretz Yisrael, and to recognize the modern State of Israel as the fulfillment of a religious Zionist vision and the spiritual homeland of the Jewish people.