General Studies

9T3A2437-1At YUHSG, our General Studies curriculum is carefully constructed to engage our students’ hearts and minds. Our goal is to build a foundation for lifelong learning by instilling in our students a love of learning, an appreciation for academic rigor, and a commitment to personal development and growth.

The General Studies program builds intellectual curiosity by focusing on the important ideas in each of the following core disciplines: History, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language and the Arts. STEMEach year the curricular progression enhances our students’ level of knowledge, mastery, and skill development, and invites them to explore topics with greater sophistication and insight. Our commitment to Torah U’madda l’khatchilah directs our curricula to seek opportunities for integration of Torah and other worlds of knowledge. We embrace these opportunities to enrich our learning as a crucial means of bringing our learning to life.