Beit Midrash

BMIn the summer of 2015 we were the grateful recipients of a wonderfully generous gift that enabled us to build a beautiful new beit midrash, a makom Torah, that is at the heart of our building and reflects the heart of our yeshiva. The beit midrash, located in the center of our school, reminds us every day that learning Torah is what sustains us and enables us to fulfill our potential. David HaMelekh expresses how impactful a love of Torah learning is in the growth of our spirituality in the following way: ” מה אהבתי תורתך כל היום היא שיחתי.” Every day our students inspire each other to be their best in Torah,
to develop their
midot, to increase their Avodat Hashem, IMG_5936and to make a difference. With this passuk above the doors of our new Beit Midrash, we hope that the Torah learning that happens there, and in the entire building, inspires a love of learning that truly transforms each of us as Ovdei Hashem who see the beauty and wisdom of Torah all around us.