Tuition & Financial Aid

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

IMG_5570At Yeshiva University High Schools, we recognize that choosing a yeshiva high school is a major financial decision for families. For that reason, we are committed to helping families finance their children’s tuition costs at YUHS and assisting you every step of the way. We offer both need-based and merit based awards. Need-based awards are based on the demonstrated financial need of our families which is determined through a financial aid application process. Academic scholarships can be awarded to incoming 9th grade students (for the duration of the high school career) for those students that apply and are determined to meet the criteria for the merit award. For more details please contact the admissions office.

Within the limitations of our budget, and according to our financial aid policies, YUHS uses the services of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) and Yeshivaaid.com recommendations as a guideline in determining individual awards.

Financial aid is renewable and families are required to apply each year. For questions about our financial aid process, contact Jennifer Gallegos in the Office of Student Finance at Jennifer.Gallegos@yu.edu or 212-960-5400, x5277.

Building & Security Fee
Dinner Fee
Bussing Costs:

$1,250 (per YUHSG family)
$600 (per family)


Applying for Financial Assistance:

Families who would like to be considered for financial assistance must complete the application process by May 1st of the prior academic year. Applications will not be reviewed without an enrollment form and registration fee.

  1. File the PFS (Parents’ Financial Statement) by going to http://sss.nais.org/parents/ Follow the instructions to complete a PFS online. The school code for Yeshiva University High School is 2461. There is a fee for the application, which should be paid by credit card upon completion of the online application.
  2. As per best practices of many yeshiva day schools, all new families to YUHS will require a supplemental application to assist us in making better informed decisions and providing the necessary assistance for all our families. To complete this form, go to yeshivaaid.com, create a username and complete all fields in the form. Please attach all necessary documents as instructed on the website (W-2 forms, income tax return, etc.). There is no fee for this application.

Guidelines for awarding Financial Assistance:

  1. High School Academic Scholarships are awarded by the Head of School to superior academic students as they enter 9th grade. These scholarships will continue as long as the student maintains the high level of achievement expected of an Academic Scholarship recipient.
  2. High School Grants are awarded to incoming and continuing students who show financial need as determined by the Parent Financial Statement and yeshivaaid application. Awards will be announced to individual families over the summer.
  3. The Financial Aid process must be completed each year in order to receive assistance. Grants are subject to change based on fund availability and new information as it becomes available.

Contact Jennifer Gallegos in the Office of Student Finance at Jennifer.Gallegos@yu.edu or 212-960-5400, x5277 to discuss any questions or special circumstances you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition and Financial Aid

Central– Tuition payments cover the basic cost of education at Central and grade activity dues.  Central will charge additional fees for the school-wide shabbaton and misc. trips. Busing is not included in the tuition and may be requested at an additional fee. Please contact the YUHS business office for more information and rates.

Typically, financial aid applications are due soon after the Pesach vacation. Families will receive a reply by the beginning of July. Families have the option to appeal the decision made by our committee by writing a letter or sending an email with additional information. Increased aid will be based on the availability of funds.  

Families receiving financial aid need to reapply for aid each year that their child is enrolled at YUHS. If a family’s financial situation does not change significantly, their award will remain comparable with awards from previous years.

All financial aid files are kept in strict confidence. Only financial aid officers and the YUHS Tuition Assistance Committee view and analyze financial information. Faculty and students do not know which families are receiving financial aid awards.

If a parent or guardian loses their job or otherwise experiences a significant loss of income, the family must notify the YUHS Business Office of Financial Aid. Depending on a variety of circumstances, YUHS may be able to increase the family’s award. If this occurs, we will expect the family to participate in quarterly reviews to demonstrate a continued job search. Alternatively, we do expect families to notify us of a change in employment of significant salary increase (10% or more).  Failure to do so may cause termination of your aid package.  

Employees of Yeshiva University receive an employee discount to students on the high school, college and graduate level for their children and grandchildren. For more information, employees should contact the Human Resources department or the Executive Director. Students eligible for University employee benefits are not eligible for any additional institutional scholarships – merit or need based. Students of YU employees are encouraged to apply for the distinguished merit scholarship and will be awarded an honorary scholarship should they qualify.

Please contact Jennifer Gallegos in the Office of Student Finance at Jennifer.Gallegos@yu.edu or 212-960-5400, x5277 for any questions or more information.

Yoni Cohen

Yoni Cohen

Executive Director