Our Leadership

Mrs. Chaya Batya (CB) Neugroschl

Head of School

Ms. Beverly S. Segal

Associate Principal

Mrs. Aliza Abrams Konig

Assistant Principal

Ms. Bracha Rutner

Assistant Principal

Mr. Yoni Cohen

Executive Director – Tuition and Budgeting

Board of Trustees

  • Miriam P. Goldberg, Chair
  • Debra Abittan
  • Rabbi Steve Burg ‘89
  • Sharon Dane
  • Dr. Felix Glaubach ‘46
  • Alan E. Goldberg ‘72
  • Alissa Horn
  • Michael G. Jesselson ‘69
  • David Ottensoser ‘86
  • Aliza Wein Mermelstein
  • Dov Quint ‘04
  • Donny Rosenberg ‘02
  • David B. Schwartz ‘94
  • Yudi Teichman ‘85
  • Louis Tuchman
  • Harvey Wrubel

Due to the weather conditions, we will be on a two hour delay. Please daven at home. School will begin with third period and we will be on a regular schedule. Express Transportation will be picking up two hours later than usual. Any districts that are not on a two hour delay will be picking up at the regular time. The building will be open with supervision by 8:00am.